Single Review – Oh Pep! – The Race

Oh Pep! consist of Olivia ‘Liv’ Hally and Pepita ‘Pep’ Emmerichs are one of the most dynamic pop duos from Down Under and the Melbourne group have a new single called ‘The Race’ from their upcoming EP Taken From Living which is available on August 21st. With the band citing influences ranging from Bach, Bob Dylan and Arcade Fire then you can expect an eclectic sound from them and with their new single delivers this with the pop melodies and infectious rhythms to make the song a rapid and catchy affair, yet one that musically has more than meets the eye. The track ranges from it’s electro-beat opening to it’s gently lapping guitars and percussion and those moments with metrical riffs. There musical variations are all set around clear and crisp vocals that occasionally push themselves into a light falsetto to maximise the vocal harmonies. These varying elements are backed up by snappy handclap percussion culminating in a fun and urgent track and one I’d highly recommend.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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