Sunday Suggestion – The Killers – Just Another Girl

The Killers really drew out the promotion and the process of releasing their greatest hits album Direct Hits in 2013. It may seem a bit excessive on their part but they’ve been pretty successful for the last decade in various guises of the pop and 21st Century Indie sound with some electronic tinges. They’ve enjoyed worldwide success in the charts and have largely survived the rise of Plastic Pop and are one of the worlds biggest bands as a result. You can’t really knock them down on that. They’ve never really gave in to the focus on the fast food equivalent to music of recent years but they have always been in an odd place where they can make these subtle changes of direction and a wide enough fan base to stay up there. One single for the greatest hits album was called ‘Just Another Girl’. It is almost a culmination of the last decade of their sound into one song. Rather apt it seems. It has the typical strikes of the acoustic guitar, The light and feathery synths and the staccato trickling of the lead guitar. When this is paired with Brandon Flower’s higher toned vocal and the crashing and churning percussion; it is another great pop tune. The Killers can do that with their eyes closed. It’s something you’ll have to savour as the bands extended break goes on.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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