Single Review – Huntar – Autumn/Sk1n Review


A new talent has popped up in the music industry and his name is Huntar. He’s 21, from South London and that’s pretty much all that’s on the internet about him since he’s a relatively new act. One thing that’s a given, however, is that this guy is going places. He’s already played the BBC introducing stage at Radio 1’s big weekend and his song “Autumn” is a favourite with Annie Mac and Sian Anderson, both Radio 1 DJ’s. “Autumn” is definitely a layered track, there is so much going on with regards to instrumentation but for some reason none of this takes away from his vocals which hold everything together. By far a song with depth, It’s electronic but in a style that hasn’t quite been done before, and this is what’s so exciting about Huntar in general.
The beat of this song is very similar to that of Autumn, and I would be inclined to say that the persistent percussion was his trademark if the rest of the music he’s created followed the same pattern, but it really doesn’t. Rather than adhering to certain rules of production, it seems to me Huntar just goes wherever the music takes him and this is such a refreshing concept. The best music is created this way, and it’s clear in his “Bittar” mixtape that some tracks focus on vocals more than anything else. With “Autumn” A lot of the focus is on that harp melody, whereas the vocals of “Sk1n” are far more prevalent than the rest of the instrumentation. “Sk1n” is quite a slow track, and is super atmospheric which is a consistency I can link with all of his songs. I can’t fault any of the music he’s put out there so far. Huntar is definitely a one to watch.
Hannah Crowe

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