Single Review – Cold War Kids – Stop Rewind

The American indie band hailing from Long Beach, California who released their fifth album “Hold My Home” last year have now released Stop Rewind from their “Five Quick Cuts” EP.  The track is a fairly simple one with minimal lyrics and seemingly no obvious message about anything. That said, not every song needs to have some grand message about life on this earth or anything. On an instrumental level the “Cold War Kids” don’t bring a huge overhaul of their previous sound but still create catchy tunes. The vocals are (as always) impressive with a kind of blues shouting style. It bustles with energy and combines well with the slightly distorted guitar (which sounds a bit like Norman Greenbaums “Spirit in the Sky”, particularly in the isolated guitar parts). It starts to lose focus around the mid-point which is full of screams and shouts which is done in a kind of run of the mill fashion before the guitar takes us back to the chorus and back again to the chanting section. A kind of surreal (almost creepy) circus theme ends the song. The song does not quite stand up to repeated listening either (or at least for me), without any particularly complex or unique elements the song is a pleasant listen for the first few listens but sadly nothing much more.

Callum Christie @ChristieCallum

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