Single Review – Gabrielle Aplin – What Did You Do?

Nowadays, pretty much everything is trumpeted in a 140 character tweet, or via a Facebook update. Be it Drake and Meek Mill beef, or Hulk Hogan making an ambiguous “apology” for being a racist arsehole, it’s all done on the blessed platforms we know as Facebook and Twitter.

Gabrielle Aplin is also one of the many artists who use the terrible two to update us on their sparkly lives and new music releases. She posted a link to a beautiful live video for one of the 3 songs she’s released off her new album, “Light up the dark”. The video for the song in question, “What did you do?” is filmed live from Wilton’s music hall in London, and Gabrielle’s performance on stage is impressive to say the least.
One of Aplin’s main intentions when creating her music is not to be restrained by her successful cover of “The power of love” which was featured on John Lewis’ 2012 Christmas advert. “Otherwise my life is going to be Christmas” She says. In all honesty, there are elements of this track that remind me of nothing other than December 25th, especially the chiming piano, but with the songs she’s released so far she has certainly proved she can distance herself from her cover work. The lyrics of “What did you do?” cry hopeless romanticism, but I doubt we’ll ever know whether or not these are from her own encounters, as Aplin has said in the past that she writes about situations that aren’t necessarily related to her own experiences.
Aplin’s 2015 tour kicks off shortly after her Bestival appearance in September, and all her tour dates are available on her website.
Hannah Crowe

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