Mac DeMarco – Another One Review

The scruffy enigma that is Mac DeMarco releases his new “mini LP” Another One on August 7th and it has so far looked to have not strayed far from his previous album Salad Days in 2014. The lyrical content has certainly been geared more towards Romance than it’s predecessor but for me it seems this album is a fan album in that it hasn’t strayed far from recent familiar territory. You never know what you might find with Mac though…

The title track features warped, drenched synths, nudging organs and feathered percussion that all deliver the hazy and laid back feel synonymous with the Canadian. His earthy yet wistful vocals echo back into the instrumentation to only add to the hazy feel and it will be a perfect track for lazy summer days and seems happily familiar territory for Mac DeMarco. ‘I’ve Been Waiting For Her’ and continues in a similar direction to his other singles with sprung riffs and a rotating rhythm with Mac’s zany and off-centre vocals and backing vocals gently nudging themselves to the forefront of the song. It’s a song to undoubtedly appeal to anyone who enjoyed Salad Days and there isn’t much scope beyond that. It still demonstrates the small intricacies of Mac DeMarco though. ‘The Way You’d Love Her’ is centred around the bending, wiry riff that Mac DeMarco has almost made his own. From this he generates a slowly meandering rhythm and melody with which Mac’s lyrics are fitted between each twinge of guitar as his slightly washed out vocals smooth out the melodic curves of the track.

‘A Heart Like Hers’  progresses and moves via and warped, dragging synth accentuated by that wiry riff to direct the song through it’s course. From this musical base echoes Mac’s ghostly, faded vocals and a repetitive vocal. A song for zoning out to but not much more. Despite the album having a very similar base of instrumentation, ‘No Other Heart features a more delicate rhythms wrapped around a more prominent bass-line and basic, yet quirky lyrical developments. Tracks like ‘Just To Put Me Down’ and ‘Without You’ are tracks that are evocative of most of the tracks on this album and you become a little tiresome of that wiry riff with these songs and you have to be in a particular idle mood to enjoy most of this album for what it’s worth. The album is still a more than decent effort, just nothing you haven’t heard before. Fans of Salad Days will enjoy this.

Mac DeMarco – Another One = 7/10

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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