Sunday Suggestion – The Police – Every Breath You Take

Despite the popular opinion and the critical acclaim The Police are always cast off in the hipster/Indie2.0 media and commentary as a band of the uncool 80’s that sat between Joy Division and The Smiths and without diminishing the quality of those groups, The Police are just as worthy of a mention. If you look at the figures you have to say something about them and ‘Every Breath You Take’ is the song that sits at the peak of their success. A song recorded as the band were falling apart and a ballad that is apart from the Reggae tinged New Wave/Post Punk that their earlier material showcased. The song has one of the most recognisable hooks of all time as Andy Summers begins to pluck the that perfectly poised riff that’s indelible throughout the track. The minimalistic song is backed up by buoyant strikes of the piano, a basic beat and a basic bass line as Sting sets out his vocal range. In an era of such massive production this bare bones track was one of the biggest of the decade and the richest track too, getting even richer when Sting sold that iconic riff to the then Puff Daddy for his track ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ in 1997. The lyrics of the track are famously widely misunderstood too with Sting’s stalker-like tone understood by millions as an expression of love. Might the song have been as famous had people understood it from the beginning? Who knows? But this is a song worthy of the title of classic.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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