Sunday Suggestion – Paul McCartney & Wings – Live and Let Die

I was recently alarmed at a series of articles looking at possible candidates for the greatest living rockstar on the planet after Kanye West claimed such a title at Glastonbury. I was alarmed at people suggesting Alex Turner and Beyoncé whilst completely ignoring statistically the most successful living rockstar on the planet. That is Paul McCartney. Maybe it’s cool or hip to shun such an obvious choice but I don’t see any point in that. The man has had a go at pretty much more variants of rock music than anyone else that comes to mind and even more impressively has remained successful in the process. One song evocative of that is one of the great Rock Opera-type tracks in Live and Let Die, the soundtrack to the Bond film of the same name in 1973. The song includes those blocky, chiming piano chords that set up the whole orchestra ensemble and a sharp lead guitar riff which tears through the waves of sound from the orchestra before just as easily slipping back into Rock Ballad territory and back again via McCartney’s trademark shriek towards a climatic instrumental finish. If that isn’t an example of one of the greatest living rockstars on the planet then I don’t know what is.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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