Single Review – Deerhunter – Snakeskin

Deerhunter are an all American four-piece from Atlanta Georgia, and this October they’re releasing a new album, “Fading Frontier”. It’s a pretty significant release as it marks frontman Bradford Cox’s return to music after a nasty car accident in 2014 that left him hospitalised. But nevertheless, the boys are back with a track preview to prepare us for their October release, and it goes by the name of “Snakeskin”.

The video for “Snakeskin” is obscure to say the least. It’s trippy, filled with creepy smiles, dungarees, and sung in a sort of slur that made me think of Anna Nicole Smith at the 2004 Billboard awards, but a lot more enjoyable. All of the songs on the upcoming album were written by Cox bar one, and his lyrics are a bit on the sinister side- “I was born already nailed to the cross/I was born with a feeling I was lost”. It has a slightly autobiographical feel to it when you take into consideration Cox’s car accident, like he’s been aching to get a weight off his shoulders through the music he makes.
Big things are promised for “Fading Frontier”. A press release has stated it’s going to be something “strikingly balanced, focused on melody and texture”, so Deerhunter fans should keep themselves in the loop until October 16th
Hannah Crowe

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