Single Review – Is Tropical – Fall/Lights On

The London based electro-rock group have started releasing their new album Black Anything in instalments and the third features the tracks ‘Fall’ and ‘Lights On’. ‘Fall’ features heavily distorted percussion and synths with churn out their tune from behind the static. The vocals in front of these are clear with a slight echo and delivered in unison. It’s a track which rolls in and out of is distorted melodies rhythms and gives this relatively simple song in terms of structure more depth. ‘Lights On’ contains layers of falling and clicking percussion and onto this hit the warped electronica and the light plucking riffs and the song continues to build it’s sound to a culminating point. Both tracks are intricate pieces of pop music and results in two tracks of a flourishing nature from what is a simple foundation.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995


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