Sunday Suggestion – George Harrison – Art of Dying

In those immediate months after The Beatles part ways in 1970, the Beatle who existed in the shadow of the Lennon/McCartney rivalry and who struggled to get more than a song or two on each album was the first Beatle to score a number one solo album with All Things Must Pass. That was George Harrison. The modest and uncontroversial Beatle with perhaps the most legitimate reason for the leaving the band behind when you see how all of those songs that he had stacked up over the years were just as good if not better then much of what The Beatles chief songwriters had produced throughout the late 1960s. Many of these songs were immortalised further via his organisation and performance of one of the first major fundraising concerts with his Concert For Bangladesh in 1971. One with particular energy is ‘Art of Dying’. Like most of his tracks from the time it contained a relatable and open spiritual message within it. Around this message is one of his most catchy and dramatic tracks with the exploding riffs that tail off in every direction and the unrelenting roll of the bass line. The brass sections only go on to raise the song to further dramatic highs and gives us a glimpse into Harrison the showman, beyond the reflective and spiritual versions often showcased. Medical set backs after his initial work would sadly see this album be the peak of his efforts and saw him pushed back behind Lennon and McCartney again. This song and album however demonstrates that he was their equal.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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