Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars Review

On May 26th of this year Beach House announced that they would be releasing an album in August, which they did. They also somehow managed to release another album two months later that was written separately but recorded at the same time as “Depression cherry”, titled “Thank your lucky stars”.

The songs that feature in “Thank your lucky stars” have a darker nature, with Victoria Legrand saying that the album was slightly more political, and that they felt the need for these songs to exist on their own. The duo’s trademark organs are still present, but the excessive reverb that we heard in “Teen Dream” and “Depression Cherry” is absent, almost like a marker for their new sound. ‘She’s So Lovely’ is  as slow paced as ever, and has elements that remind me of fairgrounds and carousels. Legrand’s vocals are warm and hypnotic, a solid consistency with the album. ‘Elegy To The Void’ features warped electronic rotations entwined with a slow meandering riff which both build in stature through the introduction of gentle percussion and a more solid rhythm. ‘ Tracks such as ‘Majorette’ see the guitars pick up the distortion with the whirring synths ringing in the background along with an engaging bass line to generate an detached piece of pop music. This album on the whole is a little more hazy and consistent in it’s aims in that sense which creates a better themed album. The changes from their typical work are subtle, but work well.
The dreamy duo will be continuing their European tour and promotion of their new album with their next London dates on Halloween, before making a stop in Amsterdam and Germany.
Beach House – Thank Your Lucky Stars = 8/10
Hannah Crowe & Owen Riddle

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