Lanterns on the Lake – Beings Review

The Newcastle based Lanterns on the Lake have been providing us with their symphonic rock sound for around five years since their debut album and now they’re here with their third, titled Beings. The follow up to 2013’s Until the Colours Run looks to generate a solid and more tangible identification with the bands graceful and delicate sound which are often delivered with lyrical references to the environment of Northumbria around the band’s leader Hazel Wilde.

The lead single ‘Faultlines’ opens with Hazel’s vocals hanging off the sweeping piano chords which hints at a rapidity that is soon signified by the introduction of the pace setting bass lines and percussion and it takes on a structure and tone similar to that of a Killers track circa 2009. The track repeats its pattern of pulling the pace setting instrumentation in and out to add a sense of depth in the track which is widened as the music gradually becomes more washed out with the vocals sweeping to their heights. ‘Send Me Home’ is a little more typical of the group with the steady piano chords and Hazel’s vocals meandering through them elegantly as she sings about wishing to get away from the daily grind and go home. The track has a natural atmosphere accentuated by a complimentary production which makes the track soar. Familiar but something that is difficult to become sick of. The title track is similar in this tone and feel with the gradually rising sound advanced through at time rapid percussion in what is a sombre musical environment.

‘The Crawl’ opens with the lone guitar riff with its slight echo and from here the instrumentation is gradually increased with the piano first, the slow, stomping percussion and the clearer and more powerful vocals. The start to expand and grow as do the guitar parts and from here the song builds in an ever increasing light. ‘Stepping Down’ is one of the more experimental tracks on the album with its murky and shuffling electronica and samples with a eerie chime hanging over them along with Hazel’s lingering vocal. It is one of the highlights of the album in it’s understated ambition. This is not an album that is going to make you get up and dance, let’s be clear. This album is one contemplation and immersion and if its one thing this band does well is immerse you with their music and lyrical content. It’s business as usual with this album with a few subtle hints at new avenues of exploration.

Lanterns on the Lake – Beings = 8/10

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