Single Review -Coldplay – Adventure of a Lifetime

Coldplay have long been a staple of the British pop/rock scene since there first release ‘Parachutes’ many years ago in the year 2000, and have recently released details about their upcoming and seventh album entitled ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ released on Parlaphone/Atlantic on December 4th. The album is rumoured to have a more upbeat feel than previous efforts, Chris Martin describing the album as “a more colourful, more joyful sort of thing” and it is set to featured a wide range of musical talents such as Beyoncé, Noel Gallagher, Tove Lo and Merry Clayton. The rumour mill doesn’t stop there however, with many reports suggesting that this will be the final album form Coldplay with Chris Martin implying “I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing,” he said. “The last ‘Harry Potter’ book or something like that” during an interview last year.

On the announcement of the album the first single ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ was immediately available for download, and moves away from the traditional sound of Coldplay. A sprightly, upbeat track giving a sense of disco influences isn’t perhaps what the general public would know Coldplay for certainly after seminal releases such as ‘Paradise’ or ‘A Sky Full of Stars’ but that is what is on offer with their latest track. Opening with an upbeat tempo and bright and sparkly elegance this track is a Coldplay take on disco-funk, with an Afro-pop guitar figure and some strutting rythm sections. The track offers a fast paced energy and vibe not seen in early Coldplay productions but perhaps showing the bands ability to adapt to various styles and keeping them at the fore front of the pop/rock genre. The vocals, courtesy of Chris Martin, are as one would expect excellent almost the only thing that would make this track noticeable too many who have ever heard Coldplay on the radio. The tight drums that offer the energy within the track are accompanied by razor sharp guitars and slick pianos, driving the track forward in a perfectly composed linear direction, never diverging to far away from the formula that is often heard within many tracks within this genre.

Aside from the slightly leftfield direction the track heads, and although it being a perfectly acceptable track, there I something slightly generic about the sound. The boundaries aren’t being pushed enough and there is nothing that will make it stand out above other Coldplay singles. This is not to put the track down, it is well thought out, offering a slightly different direction to the generic Coldplay of young, but does feel slightly like an album filler as opposed to a single.

‘Adventures of a Lifetime’ is out now from Coldplay’s forthcoming album released on December 4th.


Matthew Kay

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