Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams Review

Coldplay have long been a staple of the British pop/rock scene, having formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin. After undergoing various name changes in their early years, from Pectoralz to Starfish, the band finally settled on Coldplay in 1998, before recording and releasing three EP’s before recording and releasing three EPs: ‘Safety’ in 1998, ‘Brothers & Sisters’ as a single in 1999 and ‘The Blue Room’ in the same year. ‘The Blue Room’ was their first release on a major label, after signing to Parlophone. The band have since gone on to become world superstars, touring the globe, winning numerous awards and releasing several chart topping albums to critical acclaim. Now on their seventh album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ the band are back with a bang, amid reports that this could be their final album.

The whole album is in stark contrast to the bands previous album ‘Ghost Stories’ released in 2014, which was a sombre affair dealing without the fallout from Chris Martins conscious uncoupling. The songs that feature throughout have a more upbeat feel, take for example the first single if the album, ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ an upbeat pop number, taking in elements of dance music alongside the well known sounds that the band have become synonymous with. The album plays host to diverse range of featured artists such as Beyoncé, Noel Gallagher and Norwegian pop producers Stargate showing that Coldplay are one of a few bands that could put these artists together on an album, let alone do it with positive outcomes. The whole feel of the album is a more upbeat Coldplay to the one we heard on 2104’s ‘Ghost Stories’ the cumulative effect of the upbeat, positivity heard throughout the album is not dissimilar to that of a sugar coated pill to wash away the bitter taste of the bands last album. The album represents some of the most satisfying songs the band have wrote for years, showing a different side, albeit with the signature Coldplay sound, the band has to offer.

For all the differences the album has to the bands previous offering you could say that the reinvention doesn’t quite go far enough, songs such as ‘Everglow’ never quite materialize on the promised pop takeover of Stargate. It only takes two minutes and 20 seconds into the opening track, ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ before you find the first anthemic “oh-woah”, something of a Coldplay trademark. Overall the album offers a different sound to that of the bands last album, and does go someway to show a different side to the pop outfit, it doesn’t however push the boundaries far enough for the album to be seen as a total reinvention, at times still drawing upon the classic Coldplay sound, which arguably means another good album but not one that pushes the bands sound entirely in a new direction.

Coldplay – A Head Full of Dreams = 6/10



Matthew Kay

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