Best Album of 2015

Here are the list of twelve nominees for Best Album


3. Grimes – Art Angels (12%)

Grimes offered up the most comprehensive Pop album of 2015 with Art Angles in November. Everything from Taiwanese Rap to sweeping String Orchestra’s got a mention and everything in between. It had periods of sweet Pop bliss entwined with dark and mysterious depths for the album has a beautiful complexity to it in the battle of supremacy between the light hearted music and conflicted lyrics. Again she “sounded a bit like everything you’ve ever heard whilst sounding like nothing you’ve ever heard.” That is the constantly shifting enigma that is Grimes.


2. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly (16%)

This album was one of the most important in 2015 for it had the most important message of a nation in conflict with it’s fellow citizens. In no way was this encapsulated better than with To Pimp A Butterfly. Beyond the vital lyrical content and the more engaging delivery was the array of music on show. From Jazz to Hip Hop, Funk to Rock, it was an album of varied nature that kept you on your toes. It was often the case that the album would take you by surprise with a sudden turn or with the seamless transitions from one sound to another. Is it any wonder that the Album has received six Grammy nominations and Kendrick a further five for external work? Add to that a MOBO award nomination and surely some more accolades to come for Kendrick.


  1. Tame Impala – Currents (42%)


With what is none other than an absolute landslide, Tame Impala have produced the best album of 2015 with Currents according to the voters for Down from the shift in Philosophy from the band to the reliably fulfilling production from Kevin Parker, it was an album that showcased Dance, Disco, R&B, Electronica, Funk, Space Rock and Pop amongst other things. Around this was Parker’s self analysing lyrics and the emotion behind each one. On top of this was the vocal development from Parker in expanding his vocal range and utilising it on certain tracks to smooth out the song. With ‘Past Life’ he merged his vocals into the music for a wondrous wave of sound. ‘The Less I Know The Better’ was Funk remade for 2015 and ‘Let it Happen’ was Electro/Dance fantasia. With just as many technical awards as well as headline awards, this demonstrates that Currents was an excellent all round package.

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