Best British Act of 2015

Here is the list of ten nominees for best British Act.


3. Chvrches (16%)

The Glaswegian synthpop trio returned from the success of their debut album with a leaner and developed sound in 2015 with Every Open Eye. Their sound was more prominent, powerful and slick, yet the emotive lyrical content remained and this made for some of the best Pop tracks of the year. In 2015 Chvrches demonstrated that they have serious staying power.


2. FOALS (20%)

FOALS took on Hard Rock and pure Alternative music with their fourth studio album What Went Down which came out late in August. They widened their appeal and did with Hard Rock what many have failed to do in recent times; make it into a dynamic and significant music. They also provided us with vast soundscapes and some familiar reminders that they’ve still got it in them.


  1. Everything  Everything (28%)

Manchester based Everything Everything gave us their best album yet with Get To Heaven back in June. On all fronts the album was bold, uncompromising and aggressive; this was particularly true with their dark lyrical content about the rise of ISIL, their bemusement at British politics and repeated mass shootings. Their view of a World failing itself was encased with varied music on a dramatic and cinematic scale, making the message all the more powerful. The bookmakers making them a shoe-in for a Mercury Prize victory soon after the album’s release demonstrated the wide acclaim and recognition of their third album. Their failure to get a nomination for the Mercury Prize was a glaring and embarrassing omission.

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