Best Single of 2015

Here is the list of fifteen nominees for Best Single


3. Florence + The Machine – Queen of Peace (13%)

With a track that had a bracing energy and theatrical feel flowing through it, ‘Queen of Peace’ demonstrated Florence’s vocals at their best and the teetering anticipation of each verse is met with the euphoric chorus. On top of this is simply a solid beat and steady rhythm to form a great single.


2. Brandon Flowers – Can’t Deny My Love (17%)

The Killers frontman provided us with some shameless self indulgence with his second solo album The Desired Effect and it came no less shameless than with ‘Can’t Deny My Love’. The track is Peter Gabriel meets A-ha musically, but Brandon makes it his own with one the best vocal performances of his career. It’s rhythmic hooks, punch and sing-a-long quality make it worthy of its position.


  1. Tame Impala – Let It Happen (20%)

The fact that a song at almost eight minutes long has won this category is just testament to Kevin Parker and his band-mates musical ability for they keep you engaged for the whole length of the track. As the first release of July’s Currents, the band made a big statement as to their philosophical shift and it doesn’t remain in the same place for long. The song takes various forms from catchy to trancelike as you travel along its journey and what a journey it is.

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