Single Review – The Last Shadow Puppets – Bad Habbits


‘Bad Habbits’ is the eagerly awaited new track of Alex Turner’s and Miles Kane’s eagerly awaited sophomore album, following on from their 2008 debut The Age of the Understatement. For this track they of course worked with producer James Ford, but they also hired the very talented Owen Pallett for the string arrangements. The song certainly has a urgency about it, dictated by the tentative and rapid bass line and this along with the jangling acoustic riffs feed into urgent anti-harmonies of the string sections. It’s almost some pseudo- Indie Western soundtrack. Musically, there isn’t much variation from 2008 in this instance apart from the reshuffling of roles between cinematic instrumentals of relentless bass-line, string sections and well placed guitar parts. Having said that, it is delivered in a more imaginative way here. what is less imaginative is the lyrical content or lack of it. There is little flow to them and the only consistency is their repetitive nature which is shock for both artists. There are also sections of the track with huge clutter and then others with half or even quarter lines which is peculiar. This track is a little bemusing given the calibre of those involved and Pallett’s involvement provides the only consistency and creativity to the track. Much better is surely to come lyrically and vocally rather than this grand, expensive posturing.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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