Single Review – Tender – Afternoon

There is a growing number of artists introducing more and more sounds into their work other, and ‘Afternoon’ by ‘Tender’ is a perfect example of this. From the beginning deep synth laden sounds project a dark and emotive soundscape for the track. Layered up on the deep, dark synth bass line a more relaxed glittering synth offers up the melody, adding yet more depth to the track albeit it garnering a softer texture throughout.

The vocals throughout the track are excellent, offering a haunting insight into the bands sound; a perfect accompaniment to the deep low slung bass line and soundscapes the synths present. The band manages to create deep and dark atmospherics superbly, allowing the listener to be fully submerged into the aesthetics of the band. The song fits perfectly into the darker side of the synth-pop genre, offering more than the stereotypical sounds that are present in many commercialized bands work. However, the sound would not sound strange being played on commercial radio or late night in a club, more relaxed and with a darker tinge to the ‘pop’ sound many bands try to create. It is this sound and ideology that allows the track to sound at home in a variety of musical settings, no more than on the radio during peak playtime.

Throughout the track the band are able to impose the dark and often haunting sounds in a way that would appeal to the general public whilst simultaneously keeping a sense of originality that goes slightly against the more commercialized pop sound often heard on the radio.

Matthew Kay

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