London Producer ZAFLON talks about recording his new EP, his influences and London’s music industry


Here are some questions I put to talented, South London based producer Zaflon on his intriguing new EP LDP1, what he has planned for the future and the interchangeable forms of music and imagery amongst other things.


What is Zaflon and what are you about?

I just want to fill rooms and headphones with sounds I like and collaborate with, inspiring people.


Do you have a significant influence musical or otherwise?

Electronica, indie, soul, jazz, classical, rock… err I’m just listing a bunch of genres…

I found Radiohead very influential as they transitioned from indie to electronica at the same time I did with my music tastes. I’ve also learned a lot from the people and friends I’ve worked with closely over the years like Jamie Woon, Royce Wood Junior and the early experience I got with soundtrack composer Paul Foss and Guitarist Jim Barber.


How important is evoking imagery to your music?

It’s one and the same thing for me, rhythm is the shape, harmonic content is the colour and texture is well… the texture. Two years ago I was sharing a flat with a Chinese animator YouYang Yu, sometimes we used to hang out whilst I was working on music, I’d be manipulating and layering sound and he’d just chill on the bean bag drawing what it looked like in his head. I was always amazed at his interpretations, he could draw a five minute piece as a strange hyper-intelligent organism from another dimension but then sometimes it would be a sequence of events.

I think the way we connect sound and imagery says allot about how we think and generally speaking, music that I really like will always evoke imagery and emotion.


How did you find the experience of recording your new EP?

Recording LDP1 was a very enjoyable experience. I had just put out my first single with help from Lost In The Manor and was ready to hibernate in the studio and take my music to the next level. I knew that I wanted the EP to be wintery, dark, atmospheric and deep but I had no idea what it was going to sound like till I started writing and recording. Pretty soon I established the 4 songs to make the final cut, I played them to Chris from LITM and he said that I needed another vocal track, as three out of the four tracks were instrumentals. At that stage I used everything I learned in the process so far to make the second track with Gilan, which ended up being 7 Stalkers.


Do you have a standout track on your new EP?

“7 Stalkers” featuring Gilan is definitely the track that’s struck a chord with most people. It’s also the most heavy and complex track on the EP. I do recommend listening to the whole EP in order as everything else on the EP builds towards a climactic finish


What made you choose Gilan as a collaborator? What was she like to work with? 

I was at an acoustic night in Kingston where some of my friends were performing, when this girl got up and started playing these awesome melancholic post grunge ballads. After she played we got talking and turned out that she really likes trip-hop. I played her some of my tunes and the rest his history. Gilan is a real talent and watch out for her new grunge band Brosephine which will start gigging in March


Do you have any advice for any young London based artists? Is being in London a help or a hindrance to you?

London, London, dirty, little London. I was actually born in UCH round Warren Street and lived in various parts of the city throughout my life, so London is home and hard to think of objectively. London is having a hard time with it’s music scene right now as so many of the studios clubs and live venues have been shut down because the rent is so high but as always adversity breeds ingenuity and with that comes loads of wicked new music. There’s a toughness to the London music scene that keeps it real, everyone listens to a wide range of music and it takes a lot to impress or even mildly distract a London music lover.

My advice to any young London based artist or any artist for that matter would be to make friends with other artists whose music you genuinely love. These are the best people to collaborate with, learn from, share music with and hang out with.


What is coming up from Zaflon in the future? 

I’m going to carry on writing and producing, I’m currently working on a new EP. I’m also looking at putting together Zaflon (Live) where I’ll be getting a group of live musicians to take the music to the main stage. I’m also having a music video made for 7 Stalkers with director Tali Clarke and puppeteer Tricia Brummer.


Thank you to Zaflon for some insightful answers and be sure to have a listen of the full EP stream (above) and keep an eye out for his new video for ‘7 stalkers in the future.

Questions by Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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