Single Review – Parquet Courts – Dust


In the space of a month we’ve got garage rock titan Ty Segall’s album ‘Emotional Mugger’ and now the lead single for another industrious (they’ve released 5 albums in 6 years) garage act, Parquet Courts. Hailing from Brookyln, the band’s slacker rock style has attracted the ears of critics mainly since they’re second album, ‘Light Up Gold’. The band’s third and fourth albums highlighted the band’s witty lyrics which can be overlooked given their cool but lazy style of delivery. The titular track, ‘Content Nausea’ is a great poem let alone song, as the band lament modern life. By the way, it ends with a great refrain, ‘I am a land mine, wrong supplier’. Just thought that deserved a mention. Musically they’ve never really strayed too far from their messy garage roots, it has been the bands clever lyrics that has kept (me at least) interested.

Dust, from their upcoming album Human Performance, feels as gritty and dirty as the lyrics are. Musically the track shows some change for the band who retain that core garage rock sound they’ve crafted but incorporate new elements. The jangly guitar that starts the track is replaced quickly by distortion; as if someone has just walked in a dusty motel room from the outside. The chorus hypnotically reminds us that ‘dust is everywhere, sweep’; the germophobes worst nightmare. Dust ends with a distorted, almost choked up trumpet which eventually merges into the rest of the rest of the horror-like distortion. Overall, it sounds promising for the upcoming album, due for release on 8th April.


Callum Christie

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