INTERVIEW – Yevgen Chebotarenko of My Personal Murderer


Who are My Personal Murderer and what are you about?

We’re those who change and watch the changes.
 Do you have a significant influence musical or otherwise?
I have tons of beloved ones, they are all different, some leave fast and some stay for a long time. MPM was heavily influenced by David Lynch, living in post-soviet world correlates a lot with those escapist worlds he creates. As for the music it always different. I think I got influenced literally by every thing I like.
How did you find the experience of recording your new album?
That was intimate and discovering. We started recording it very fast but then stuck in this for more than half a year. That changed some things in my mind which never happened to me before in terms of my music. I saw the music was developing itself and I just gave it an impulse at the very beginning.
Do you have a standout track from it?
‘Streets’ probably. The outro for the song was completely improvised and came out of nowhere, that’s exactly the moment when head completely has no glue what hands are doing. I like the ending because it always seems completely unfamiliar to me.
Is there a certain message you want people to take away from the album?
That’s a story, not a statement. I guess those who want to find there the desired will definitely succeed.
What is it like being a musician in Ukraine? Do you feel like you have less opportunities as opposed to American artists for example?
It’s definitely different from the States, the culture is very young here. We have a heavy post-soviet legacy, in minds and at streets. Time should pass and lots of both bad and good things should happen before the real change occur.
Have the recent tensions in Ukraine impacted upon your work at all? 
On subliminal level. You always have that heavy thought in your head, it’s about not being sure about the future, your own and future of your family. But on the other hand sometimes the moment of desolation may become a real gift.
What is coming up from My Personal Murderer in the future?
Currently we are in mood to show ourselves to the world. We decided to start with live video which is scheduled for April.
Many Thanks to Yevgen for an insightful interview. Catch Cauchemar now!
Questions from Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

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