Single Review – Richard Ashcroft – This Is How It Feels

These People will be the first album from Richard Ashcroft in six years when it is released on May 20th. His return with the single ‘This is How it Feels’ has been emblazoned with the defiant attitude and demeanour that has been made familiar with Ashcroft for the last two decades. As one of the ‘Britpop’ generation that was able to forge a successful post 90s career, Ashcroft demonstrates that like the Gallagher’s, he has retreated slightly back into the comfort zone. His low melodies and rough edged tones are certainly more mature here. The arrangement is largely mature as well and nothing to shout about other than the odd production flourish. In basic terms though, it isn’t a bad song and he is far from slipping into mediocrity. Ashcroft’s affinity with string sections sees him make good use of them here to add an element of grace to the track. A track of distorted nostalgia.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995


  1. Nice review

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