Single Review – The Kills – Doing It To Death

In the line of noisy rock duo’s, the duo of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince are up there with the best. Their combined project, “The Kills” are among the most well-established of a genre that they as well as bands like The Black Keys and Jack White have popularised. In comparison to the other two the Kills have developed a more distinctive electronic tinge best shown on tracks like “Sour Cherry” and “Cheap and Cheerful”. With it being an astonishing five years since their last album the anticipation that this single and their album comes with is inextricably high (Ash & Ice will be released on June 3rd).

“Doing It to Death” is an almost ridiculously cool track. In that sense the funeral themed video with its minimalist choreography is perfectly fitting. The track starts in with electronic sampled beats and though it continues throughout the whole song it’s soon dominated by their heavy groovy guitars. Mosshart, as usual, sounds perfect and the echo of Hince voice over hers offers that little bit more. “Listen up, It’s picking up” the Mosshart says self-consciously before transitioning to the bridge of the song where the music spaces out and Mosshart sings “we’re double sixing it night after night after night”. Quite what “double sixing” is never explained and I wouldn’t have it any another way. There aren’t any wholesale changes in the song but there isn’t anything to be upset about either as the duo confirm they’ve not lost their collective creativity during their hiatus.

Callum Christie

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