Single Review – Frightened Rabbit – Lump Street

Prior to the release of their forthcoming fifth studio album Painting of a Panic Attack, Frightened Rabbit have treated listeners to the third single from the album: Lump Street. This track centres around the violence surrounding a particular area – the grungy introduction perfectly resembles the emotions lead vocalist Scott Hutchison portrays. A quick flutter of piano and echoic vocals then follows to provide a pathway for the progressive additions of elegant harmonies and a more dominant drum section. The choruses prove to be a welcome contrast from the aggressive lyrics fashioned by the verses, with simple lyricism married to mystic vocals. This more atmospheric approach is similar to that of another single from their upcoming album, Death Dream. As the song continues, the delicately textured guitar, sourced from the choruses, builds, only to come to an ethereal climax in an abrupt instrumental section, before a more alternative rock song emerges from the abyss. Suddenly, the moody guitar riffs are rejuvenated into upbeat chords and the hard-hitting lyrics exposed in the verses are masked by a newfound energy. This is before the crashing drums and thriving guitars congregate to perform an exhilarating crescendo to conclude this rollercoaster of a track. If you listened to the first half of the song separately from the second, it is unlikely you would guess they are the same track. Somehow, Frightened Rabbit have been able to merge a moody track full of hostility with an almost cheerful ballad. And it works amazingly well.

Eleanor Chivers

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