Single Review -Paul Simon – Wristband

One of the most prolific songwriters of all time is back and has announced a thirteenth album called Stranger To Stranger. That man is Paul Simon and we can expect his album on June 3rd and the first single to come from it is ‘Wristband’ and what a single it is! The song has unrelenting rhythm and energy through rapid percussion and handclaps and beyond that there isn’t a whole lot else other than a simple bass line. At the conclusion, the brings in trumpets to escalate the energy further. As well as this, Paul’s vocals which are as calm, yet steadfast as they’ve ever been. The message behind the song matches the energy. He recalls being locked out of his own gig as he didn’t have a wristband and likens it to exclusivity and privilege in society before envisaging a social revolution. He commentates on American society in the same was as Kendrick Lamar, just through a highly relatable metaphor. He promises his upcoming album to be another genre-bending affair and at 74 he’s trend-bending too and remaining ahead of the game.

Owen Riddle

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