Single Review – Mitski – Your Best American Girl

Mitski is a New York based songwriter from Japan who like St.Vincent, can really wring every ounce of noise from a guitar whilst offering intricate lyrical content behind it. With her upcoming fourth album Puberty 2 (out on June 17th) she looks to combine her talents again for another bold effort. The light strumming of chords and light vocals that open the song deliver the initially innocent lyrical content which in turn delves deeper as the song ratchets up. At its peak the heavy distortion and feedback ring out as if it was 1994 and through this are her distorted vocals that project her message of having to fit into the ‘ideal’ of an “American Girl”. It is a strong track made possible by its dual identity and thought provoking lyrics that stands her in good stead for her album in June.

Owen Riddle


  1. I does remind me of St. Vincent! Huge like!!

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