Single Review – Laura Mvula – Phenomenal Woman

Despite the many inspirational female artists on the scene at the moment, few have released a more irresistibly funky and galvanising track than Laura Mvula’s Phenomenal Woman. Inspired by none other than the iconic Maya Angelou, not only is this dance-inviting track filled to the brim with infectious seventies enthused hooks and a beguiling vocal arrangement, it is fuelled by an empowering drive, aimed to “raise up women.” Sadly, it has been outshone by Beyoncè’s highly anticipated latest single Freedom, promoting a similar message. But, if I may be so bold, this unconventional pop anthem is all that bit better. Don’t get me wrong, Beyoncè has just confirmed a million times over that she deserves her title of a feminist and black emblem, yet Mvula’s effortless soul and fire, plus the more upbeat feel, makes this tune especially revitalising. It just goes to show that, when aligned with the equally charismatic debut album Sing to the Moon, Laura Mvula is a pretty phenomenal woman herself.

Eleanor Chivers

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