Greatness in a Snapshot – Prince steals the show at George Harrison tribute

With the the passing of Prince last week, we have been reminded of the sheer genre smashing, style defining brilliance of the man with a monumental catalogue of music behind him with 39 studio albums. We know all about some of his historic albums such as 1999, Sign O’ The Times etc. Also of some iconic moments such as his Superbowl show in which he was in his element. For me, I wanted to show just how effortlessly skillful Prince could be and nothing shows this more than his part in the tribute performance to George Harrison. As no less than Tom Petty, Jeff Lyne and Dhani Harrison played the bulk of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, Prince waited patiently away from the lights and to the side of the stage, but that was until the songs conclusion. From there he basically made some of the legendary performers he shared the stage with look decidedly pedestrian as he injected bolts of electricity into the track. With every cool motion of the guitar he reinvigorated the song whilst keeping it familiar. It was the ultimate tribute the great George Harrison could have had and hopefully Prince will be afforded such a powerful send off.

Owen Riddle

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