Single Review – Imagine Dragons – Not Today

As the main single to be released from the upcoming romantic tear-jerker Me Before You, it’s no surprise that Imagine Dragons have taken a diversion from their usual illustrious rock anthems, such as Radioactive and I’m So Sorry, to form Not Today. Tender acoustic chords, alongside a fluttering piano, introduce an almost country-like ballad, with an underlying Coldplay-esque correspondence. This likeness is most prominent before an orchestral section bubbles in the wake of Dan Reynolds gentle yet impassioned vocals to shape the chorus. Further instruments and harmonies build as the song progresses, in order to construct an intricately composed number. Though ultimately it is a fairly depressing number – once you think Reynolds will heighten the mood by convincing us it’s “gonna get easier”, he quickly adds “but not today” – it matches my knowledge of the moods explored in Me Before You; there are flickers of cheerfulness, but it concludes on an earnest note. This doesn’t stop it from being an intriguing and successful deviation from their usual material. With tracks from the likes of Ed Sheeran, X Ambassadors and Jack Garratt also featuring, the Me Before You soundtrack has set itself up to be quite the achievement.
Eleanor Chivers

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