Single Review – Cats Eyes – Be Careful Where You Park Your Car

In preparation for their upcoming album Treasure House, Cat’s Eyes have released an addition to their repertoire that is interesting to say the least. It’s not every day you come across a song with a title as long-winded and instantly comical as Be Careful Where You Park Your Car. And the oddities don’t stop there. The track is seemingly relaxed for the first 8 seconds of the song, before a descending bass that you’d commonly associate with a retro surfing movie ruptures the tenuous, wispy vocals. Exultant handclaps then back Rachel Zeffira’s striking voice, which juxtaposes lyricism surrounding smouldering madness being pushed passed breaking-point into a car-smashing, vengeance-satisfying frenzy. Though cleverly reflecting the confused rage the duo’s track has been founded upon, the song’s incongruity on top of being bamboozled by a chaotic sounds make the song a little too mismatched. Not to mention some of the harmonies waver on the verge of out of tune. Forceful? Yes. Entertaining? Sure. But does it work? Not really.

Eleanor Chivers

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