Niki & The Dove – Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now Review


Swedish duo Niki and The Dove have released their second album ‘Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now’. The indie-tronica group from Stockholm, Sweden consists of vocalist Malin Dahlstrom and musician Gustaf Karlof.

The first track is ‘So Much It Hurts’, which is a promising start to the album. The upbeat tune contrasts well with the forlorn lyrics. ‘You Stole My Heart Away’ is next. This song has pleasing guitar riffs with jazzy undertones. Malin shows off her vocal abilities in this track. ‘You Want The Sun’ really illustrates this duo’s musical talents, however the vocals are out-shined by the music, which lets this track down, as it could really be something special with a little extra tweaking. ‘Play It On My Radio’ comes next, which is a chilled out song. The vocal presentation coupled with the slow percussion makes this a very relaxing listen. ‘Scar for Love’ slowly builds with the soft keyboard, and as it builds, the vocals become increasingly stressed, which gives a fascinating effect.

The next track ‘Lost UB’ starts off with a solid beat and guitar playing. The vocals build in pitch and volume, and the music bursts to life at the chorus. ‘Coconut Kiss’ begins with an electronic sound. This song has mellow Caribbean vibes, fitting with the name of the song. ‘Brand New’ starts with high tempo piano playing with soft high pitched singing. As the song progresses, it becomes more powerful. ‘Miami Beach’ is next, which is a slow, psychedelic song with a bold beat and soft, high pitched vocals. This is a stand out track for this album, but could be a little shorter to give a better impact to the listener. ‘Pretty Babies’ is an electronic track with a catchy beat. ‘Everybody Wants To Be You’ has beautiful piano playing accompanied by sullen vocals. It is a very emotional song which builds towards the end like a ballad. ‘Shark City’ is a funky, energetic song, however the vocals become a bit melodramatic towards the end. ‘Ode To Dance Floor’ is the final song. It begins with spoken lyrics and electric guitar sounds. This upbeat song is quite different from the others and is a fun way to end the album.

‘Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now’ is a good effort from Niki and the Dove. It is reminiscent of 80’s Madonna at times. It is an emotional album, relatable to anyone who has had their heart broken in the past. The strong use of the keyboard and powerful vocals make this album worth a listen.

Niki & The Dove – Everybody’s Heart is Broken Now = 9/10

Dionne Thompson

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