Richard Ashcroft – These People Review

British singer/songwriter Richard Ashcroft just released his fifth solo album ‘These People’. Known for his alt-rock roots with The Verve, Ashcroft does not disappoint his fans with this new folk rock album.

The first track ‘Out Of My Body’ is a powerful song about the struggles of love. The lyrics work wonderfully with the strong beat. It is a pleasing opener to the album and feels like a promising beginning. ‘This Is How It Feels’ is next. It is a romantic rock song coupling well delivered vocals with the folksy strums of a guitar. It is a slow song but comes across as intimate and heartfelt. The next track is ‘They Don’t Own Me’. This is a strikingly beautiful song with soft groans of the guitar and slow drawn out vocals. It echoes Ashcroft’s time as a band member, resembling one or two hits from The Verve. ‘Hold On’ is the next track. It is a rock track at its core but with small hints of funk, giving it a 90’s feel to it. A personal favourite of mine from this album. Next is ‘These People’. It begins with a beautiful guitar and string arrangement, and builds, adding layers until Ashcroft’s vocals come pouring through, making this a wonderfully polished song. It is clear why the album takes its name from this track.

‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Hurt’ comes next. It is quite a unique song, with mellow vocals and a funk style beat. A little less upbeat than the rest of the album but still a good track. ‘Picture Of You’ is a romantic style rock love song with slow guitar strums and soulful vocals. Overall, this is a beautiful song with lots of emotion behind it. Up next is ‘Black Lines’, another slow and sorrowful song. It further shows that Ashcroft intends this album to be a message of love. ‘Ain’t The Future So Bright’ is the next track. This opens with a steady beat and electronic sounds complemented with Ashcroft’s signature laid back guitar chords. The final track of the album is ‘Songs Of Experience’. This is another electronic style song with Ashcroft crooning in his usual style. It is a solid end to the album, which builds up to be a pleasing rock track towards the end.

All you can really say about ‘These People’ is that Richard Ashcroft is well and truly back, and using all of his previous experience, he is really showing us what he can do. He gives occasional nods to his former days as a band member, but still manages to keep it fresh and up to date. For fans of Ashcroft this is a real treat, and any praise is well deserved.

Richard Ashcroft – These People = 8/10

Dionne Thompson


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