Single Review – M.I.A – Go Off

British/Sri Lankan artist M.I.A has finally announced details of her upcoming fifth album A.I.M, the follow-up from her 2013 album Mantangi. There’s been rumours about a spat with her record company and that this might be her last album, but either  way her new track ‘Go Off’ has arrived. It is not yet certain whether her singles from the last twelve months will feature on the new effort, but this single certainly will. Though Scrillex taking up production of the track set alarm bells ringing, M.I.A maintains her mark on the track. It features dropping beats, snappy percussion behind it and grinding samples. On top of this are pitch shifted backing vocal samples and a slight auto tuned tinge to M.I.A’s vocals. The track is bold, yet fluid and doesn’t pull any punches musically. It is a potent mix of Western Hip Hop and Sri Lankan styles and this bodes well for the impending album that might be another classic from M.I.A. 

Owen Riddle

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