Single Review – James Vincent McMorrow – Evil

Some questions after my initial listen to ‘Evil’, taken from James Vincent McMorrow’s new album ‘We Move’:

1. What is this? Is this what world music sounds like?

2. Wait… is this a… Club Banger?

3. Is his voice real? Is it? Because it doesn’t sound like it could be? I mean, can anyone have a voice this lovely? Can they? Is it actually possible for a human being to have a voice this pure and soulful and Good and reside here, on planet Earth, among the rest of us commoners, us low-lives, us human-shaped piles of dirt, sounding like bricks rubbed against cheese graters by comparison? Because surely not?

4. Is it OK to cry now?

Ok, but, seriously, joking aside- this is a very good song. A good song in the same way that the Taj Mahal is a good building. It’s soulful, it’s atmospheric, it’s haunting. It’s also genuinely very interested, feeling more inspired than anything we’ve yet seen from James VM and is brimming with a raw, heartfelt honesty that is apparent from the very first listen. I urge you, if you do anything today, listen to this song.

Katie Hayes

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