Single Review – Rose Elinor Dougall – Stellular 

Rose Dougall has been pretty busy in recent months, with her part in the mini-supergroup Innerspace Orchestra earlier in the year and now with the release of the title track from what will be her upcoming second album Stellular. Her 2010 debut Without Why is criminally undervalued in the mainstream despite the critical praise it received; with tracks that were infectious and others that were mysterious, it remains a hidden gem. Similarly, her 2013 EP Future Vanishes saw Dougall expand and diversify her sound with indelible hooks and rhythms and this signalled a shift in her sound. This shift leads us to ‘Stellular’. It has that very keen sense of rhythm, but channeled through an Eighties Indie Pop track. Cascading synths take us from the verse to the chorus where Rose’s wistful vocals focus the buoyant sounds around her. It is a shifting and jiving piece of Pop music and as always it’s done with imagination with lyrics of emotional fragility entwined with astronomy. Well worth the wait! 

Owen Riddle

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