Musicandotherthingz Best Production of 2016

We kick off our (prestigious) awards with Best Production of 2016. Now for all the categories bar the Popular Vote, a sizeable list of writers, musicians, bloggers and friends have all been busy voting on the various categories. Each individual received a first choice vote worth two points and a second choice vote worth one. From this, we’ve got our results! 

From Emmy The Great to Frank Ocean there has been a diverse range of production techniques and methods on show in 2016. With the likes of Kanye and Childish Gambino coming close in the list. They either mastered their tracks to manipulate classic sounds or featured producers who used every available sound to forge their instrumentation. The long list of nominees are followed by the short list below.

3. Bon Iver – 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⊠ ⊠ (15.00% of the vote) 

This was by far Justin Veron’s most ambitious Album to date. He looked to force baroque and folk elements into the kind of juddering and hammering electronica reserved for EDM and heavy dance tracks. Somehow this odd coupling worked when combined with his whirring vocal effects to create a beautiful sound out of this musical mutation. 

2. Frank Ocean – Nikes (22.50%) 

The hazed and oscillating soundscape created here almost lulls you into a daydream. The gliding beats acoustic chords along with the sweeping electronica sifts and shifts around Frank’s almost hypnotic pitch shifted vocal. It almost sounds as if it was recorded in an echo chamber, but this was all generated by a consistently feathered production. 

1. Christine and the Queens – Narcissus Is Back (27.50%)

Heloise Letissier from Nantes is our winner for Best Production of 2016. For her stage Act of Christine, she forms minimalist and sparse arrangements, so this placed greater emphasis on her producing ability and it shines on this track and throughout the album. This track is fundamentally a set of different beats and little more, yet she is able to make each one glisten with sound and energy with the help of only a slight distortion and the perfect isolation of her vocal. She has done so much with so little here and is a deserving winner following on from last years winner Kevin Parker; who is a ‘Do it all yourself’ musician and Heloise is truly the embodiment of that philosophy. 

Owen Riddle

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