Single Review – Georgia – Feel It

In 2015, Georgia merely made a ripple of success with her debut album, despite her illustrious talent as a singer, drummer and producer. Yet, her comeback single Feel It has the potential to make waves. The track starts as it means to go on: ruthlessly edgy synths set the tone, until they intertwine with other instruments and further synths, giving the track a hazy undertone. Fluent percussion and ethereal motions in the background keep the verses interesting, together with providing conflict to the more rigorous, bass-driven chorus. The excellence in the track come in the use of vocals. There is a stirring mix of vocal arrangements used, notably to gateway the chorus, as a pitchy scream depletes into a boost adding to the fervency of the message, while the contrasting pitch in the voices bridging the first chorus and second verse together enforces a clever unease. The track does have a strange feel to it, but I think this enhances its brilliance – it makes you think a bit deeper about the message of the song, and why this smart producer has added such an assortment of smart details.

By Eleanor Chivers

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