Single Review – Cherry Glazerr – Nuclear Bomb

The trio from LA Cherry Glazerr just released the third single of their new album ‘Apocalypstick’, ‘Nuclear Bomb’, on the 11th of January.

The band proves again that they haven’t lose their humour. The single basically is a passionate love song written for guitars, in the music video the lead singer Clementine Creevy spends a steamy date-day with her guitar, and boyfriend, Rickenbacker. In the song ‘Nuclear Bomb’ the band is comparing a whirlwind affair to a nuclear bomb, which is quite accurate.

The band has changed their sound from their early works and the song itself sort of reminds of a mix of ‘Portishead’, ‘Bjork’ and ‘The Breeders’. Just a lovely dark song which gets better every time you listen to it.

Cherry Glazerrs full new album ‘Apocalypstick’ will be out on the 18th of January and the band is embarking on a massive North America tour with also two stops in the UK. They will perform in London soon, at Camden Assembly on February 28th and in Brighton, at The Great Escape on May 18th.

Lea Fabbrini

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