Cherry Glazerr – Apocolipstick Review 

Cherry Glazerr, an LA based band just released the album ‘Apocalipstick’ on the January 20th, 2017. This is the first album the band releases after the line-up change from the original band formed in 2013. Clementine Creevy, vocalist and guitarist of the original band was joined by Tabor Allen, drums, and multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth on synths in 2016.

‘Apocalipstick’ is consists of 11 overall rather rocky tracks.


‘Told you I’d be with the guys’ is a rocky track with strong guitar presence. It addresses the stereotypical difference between boys and girls, what is acceptable for one and not for the other. They also made their message clear in their video with nip-slip and Clementine’s hairy armpits.


‘Apocalipstick’ is a darker song that starts out with heavy drums and a melody repeated through the whole song. There are no lyrics and it is quite a dramatic peace, which makes you imagine a post apocalyptic world.


‘Lucid dreams’ has a hypnotic rhythm and the singers voice is mesmerizing, ‘Instagratification’ is pure social media snobbery and ‘Only kid on the Block’ starts with an Arctic Monkey-ish guitar and the lyrics are a cry of help to get out of the same old life.  


These guys remind of the darker side of the Britpop era, sometimes with strains of Pulp, and hints of Menswear and Elastica. There’s some really cool synth work on the album, it’s fuzzed up with all manner of distortion pedals but it’s subtle in the mix and never dominates the track. They have a haunting edge to them, the songs are about jilted lovers or love gone wrong and display a genuinely sexy sense of melancholic drama. Mostly, they really sound as if they aren’t doing it to please anyone’s opinion, they are playing for themselves.

This album shows they are not there yet and still have to find their own sound, but it’s also promising and has a lot of potential. 

Cherry Glazerr – Apocalipstick = 7/10

Lea Fabbrini 

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