Single Review – Maximo Park – Risk To Exist 

The English alternative rock band Maxïmo Park, founded in 2000 in Newcastle upon Tyne, released on the 20th of January the first single to their sixth studio album, both with the same name – ‘Risk to Exist’

The bands members are vocalist Paul Smith, guitarist Duncan Lloyd , Lukas Wooller at the keyboard and drummer Tom English.

They’re in the tradition of British indie pop, with dashes of 80’s American indie thrown in for good measure.


In their new single ‘Risk to Exist’the band is using more keyboards than in their previous work. Before their sound was quite sparse, with more of a focus on guitars but the angular quality of their riffs has been filled out really nicely with more of a focus on keyboards.

At the start of the song the drums are the main instrument and in the chorus there are three or four different keyboard sounds. This marks a greater maturity in their song writing. The song is quite anthemic and will probably do well on the festival circuit this summer.


The lyrics address a very big problem in today’s society: the stigma on refugees. They sing: “Put your arms around me, I’ve come too far and the ocean is deep…where’s your empathy?” and by mentioning “the expert colonisers” they address the UK, “Risk to Exist” might be a subtle reminder of Brexit. They also call out for action on the refugee problem and how they are treated and seen as well as the lack of willingness for anyone to admit they are responsible with the lyrics: ” The Talkshows talk, but nothing gets done, who wants to be responsible for Europes biggest sum? Show us some responsibility!”


The full album is slated to be released in April 2017 and the band planned a UK tour in May which is already nearly sold out!

Lea Fabbrini 

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