Single Review – Áine Cahill – Plastic 


The Irish pop singer-songwriter Áine Cahill released her new single “Plastic” on the 20th of January.


With this single the singer really stepped up her game. The arrangement of this song is off the chain cool with the timpani drums, the sparing use of electric guitars and the strings. The beginning makes you feel like something important is going to happen. The production is great. “It’s a breath of fresh air. Conjures up shades of Morcheeba, if Morcheeba were from Twin Peaks. Fucking ace man. Love it.” commented my music-passionate friend Ross Gilchrist.


The lyrics of “Plastic” are about something that sadly most people have experienced. Áine sings about how you feel when you realise you fell for someone and they turn out to be completely emotionless, heartless and shallow. She starts out singing: “You are like a dummy in a window, ‘cause you are heartless, you’re cold”. Her lyrics are melancholic, but she tells it like it is without trying to make it sound more “fairytale-ish”. In the song she calls out to the wrong doer saying that person is plastic. She does not blame herself. “You are to blame” she sings, which is an important thing to understand for anyone in that situation.


Her voice is not as clean cut, which makes her sound more real. When she sings she has the power to fill people with emotions and she knows how to get across her message.


The Artist just announced an Ireland Tour in April/May, tickets are available since the 27th of January on

Lea Fabbrini 

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