Single Review – Dirty Projectors – Little Bubbles

The prolific Dirty Projectors embark on their 8th album this year, due to be dropped on the 24thFebruary 2017. In their previous seven efforts the band took influence from pretty much everywhere on the musical spectrum; as shown in the spectacular lo-fi single, Swing Lo Magellan or the epic ballad that is Stillness is the Move from their 2009, Bitter Orca. This single, coming just three months after Keep Your Name, which was clearly grounded in a recent divorce, Little Bubble seems to echo similar sentiments. Looking back on their time together, the lead singer David Longstreth reminisces in the idea that the couple had their ‘own little bubble, for a while’. The track doesn’t look away from the darker elements of this post-breakup anguish either as Longstreth sings that he ‘wants to sleep with no dreams, I want to be dead’. More consistent than Keep Your Name but perhaps less interesting musically, Little Bubbles, with its intricate and meaningful lyrics as well as it’s silky smooth production indicate that the self-titled album, may well be one of the best saddest albums to come out in 2017.

Callum Christie 

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