Single Review – Dirty Projectors – Up In Hudson 

With the band having more or less disbanded and the project, Dirty Projectors, once again becoming a solo project under David Longstreth, it’s fair to say that this next album (the 8th one) has both a fair amount of anticipation and trepidation around it. The singles leading up to it’s February 24th release have been fuelled by his break-up with ex-Dirty Projectors vocalist Amber Coffman. Both on ‘Little Bubbles’ and ‘Keep Your Name’, beyond the silky smooth production is a raw emotion. On the former Longstreth reminisced about a time when the couple had their own ‘little bubble’ as well as the anguish caused by it’s popping; he sings, ‘I want to sleep with no dreams, I want to be dead’. This sentiment echoes through this single too. The bitterness of the chorus about ‘love burning out’ is offset by the verses which describe the pure elation of the love the couple had shared on first meeting. Even when the two go their separate ways they remain connected even if he’s driving through New York listening to Kanye and she’s in Echo Park ‘blasting 2pac’. The production is clearly more up-beat and eccentric compared to the previous two singles too, with more jazzy elements mixed in with the expected smooth and catchy electronics that Dirty Projector fans are accustomed to. With yet another intensely personal track (Longstreth even references the first time the two played together) with delicate and intricate lyrics as well as the superb production we’re accustomed to, the next Dirty Projector album is shaping up quite nicely. 

Callum Christie


  1. Thanks for sharing this music! It’s awesome 🙂 Haven’t heard of them before, but I’m glad I stumbled to your website to discover them. If I’m just starting to listen to them, what other songs should I look up?

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