EP Review – Maggie Rogers – Now That The Light Is Fading

The ever emerging talent of Maggie Rogers has continued to grow from her viral introduction to the world less than a year ago. A five track EP has been produced in a relatively short space of time since then with the famous ‘Alaska’ single taking centre stage. The single has delicate beats and clicks with gently warping electronica which go on to merge into one as the verse bridges to the chorus. Once there, a muffled, but heavier beat gives the song a catchy quality without sacrificing the delicate and natural sounds that are reinforced through her wispy melodies. With ‘On + Off’ we hear her develop her sound even more with a song that features bolder samples and piano loops which are woven together into a melodic fabric with a subtle, but charged rhythm driving it. Maggie sings with a almost a folk swoon that exudes calm and control to balance against a busy instrumentation. 

The lightly whirring electronica of ‘Dog Years’ bounces off her vocals generating a symmetrical sound and this is the basis for the gradual flourishing of the song in the choruses. Though it’s more typical of a sophisticated contemporary Pop song, it still demonstrates her knack for production and her graceful delivery. ‘Better’ is a refrained track featuring multiple layers of wiry and whirring electronica arranged in an airy, chilled fashion which serves as the perfect environment for Maggies relaxed vocals. ‘Color Song’ is mostly an a capella song with an earthy and calming feel as Maggies multiple tracks vocals gently sweep across each other. She’s certainly proved herself to be an accomplished producer with an ability to fuse opposing sounds together in a seemingly effortless way. Introverted songwriting mirrors the imagery she uses to channel her lyrics and with these aspects she moulds songs that are multi-dimensional and functional. No long a viral sensation, but a proven talent. 

Owen Riddle 

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