Single Review – Kendrick Lamar – HUMBLE.

Say what you like about Kendrick Lamar, but you can’t deny he’s made an impact. Just take a look at the speculative news stories, social media frenzy and comment section debates; right now when Kendrick says something, we all stop to listen. Now with a fourth studio album not far away, the anticipation one way or another is high. He has turned social commentary into an art form again or in other words reignited Rap and Hip Hop with the same energy it had decades ago. Why I keep saying this? That’s because he keeps delivering music with this in mind. ‘HUMBLE.’ like ‘The Heart Part 4’ takes on issues of image and greed in modern America like he took on his contemporaries and political scandal in the earlier single. This has caused well documented controversy with people equally supporting and opposing his lyrics related to photoshop and how people appear in the media. Musically, it is rather simple with plunging piano chords and steady clap beats. Both lyrically and musically, Kendrick Lamar in 2017 is a different prospect from Kendrick Lamar in 2014/15. To Pimp A Butterfly was an album that needed you to invest time into it (though it was well worth it) due its scale and variation for it was not simply a Rap or Hip Hop album. A future album is seemingly more direct, pointed and instantly effective and perhaps focused more on the core genre. As a totally different prospect, any future album along those lines could be get a huge response. 

Owen Riddle 

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