Single Review – Bleachers – Don’t Take My Money 

Writing and producing for artists such as Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lorde and Sia, as well as playing guitar for New York Indie pop band Fun, might have subtly implied any new music from Bleachers (a.k.a Jack Antonoff) wasn’t going to be introduced with anything too dark and brooding. And new single ‘Don’t Take The Money’ from Bleachers second record seems exactly the joyous pop infused anthem, laced with Jersey incandescence to near Mr Springsteen, that you can expect to brighten summer 2017. Written with a little help from aforementioned Lorde, DTTM is part ode to Antonoff’s relationship with Lena Dunham, part personal mantra. An infectiously pleading chorus, with the tiniest hint of Lorde backing vocal, ‘Don’t Take The Money’ was released into the world with a wonderfully retro-childish destructive spirit. Leaving a pinata effigy of himself sat on a bench in New York’s Union Square Antnoff’s fans duly smash their idol in two, finding USB drives containing the track. Never too far away from the mood of self-destructive high school adolescence, perhaps why Antonoff was chosen to live score a screening of the Breakfast Club in LA, ‘Don’t Take The Money’ is the brightly painted front door to, as Anthoff states the album’s ‘big strange house.’ ‘An intense push and pull between euphoria and sadness,’ DTTM highlights those moments when someone else can save you from yourself.

Hayley Miller

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