British Sea Power – Let The Dancers Inherit The Party Review 

What is an escapist indie band to do in 2017 after seemly trying it all – even brass orchestras performing a best of collection and producing a live soundtrack to polish animations. Well if your British Sea Power the answer, it turns out, is to create a sixth album that almost feels… conventional. 

Don’t worry the world hasn’t stepped into the twilight zone, despite what the slightest glimpse at world media might be suggesting. Oddly enough that’s exactly the topic BSP’s first new album in four years ‘Let the Dancers Inherit the Party’ is here to console. Over the last 17 years of the band’s existence that would have meant a heavily nostalgic step into a bygone era, when things were less stressful or at least sepia toned enough to allow BSP to take you away from your modern concerns, however it seems ‘Let The Dancers Inherit The Party’ faces current affairs pretty head-on within Yan Scott Wilkinson’s fearless vocals, ‘kings of propaganda won’t you take another look at what you’ve done.’ 

This time BSP’s arsenal is a collection of direct, upbeat melodies to cheer your heart.Thankfully Martin Noble’s Bernard Sumner-style guitar leads are still present while BSP keep their habit for grandiose bombast and rebellious dissonance under control. ‘Bad Bohemian’ moves with the stirring vivacity of Echo and the Bunnymen, early James, and of course New Order, showing that though this album might be the most conventional in form for the band in a while that isn’t to say elements of their eerie The Cure style production have been left out in the cold entirely. Tracks like ‘International Space Station’, ‘What You’re Doing’, ‘Electrical Kittens’ and the elegantly poignant closer ‘Alone Piano,’ though drifting and celestial in tone, with often prominent synths, are modern love letters woven with a new-wave bitter-sweetness. 

Throughout BSP build a sense of vast starlit space and yet somehow still manage to wrap you in a familiar blanket. Yes, the world has lying politicians but when hasn’t it. Yes, we have unsettling people ready to remind us that their stupidity is not being listened to while simultaneously talking over everybody else. Yes, our days are taken up swearing irrationally at electrical devices we’re not entirely sure we wanted in the first place. And then there’s always Brexit, clearly an issue if your band name happens to sound a little on the patriotic side. But you don’t have to worry about all that as long as you’re dancing – okay so maybe the title does seem reminiscent of a simpler time, just more 2008 than the continued renascence of 1984. Overall ‘Let The Dancers Inherit The Party’ is a relatively calm response to an unsettled era after all the message BSP seems to be making here is a very British one, no matter what may happen we calmy carry on.

British Sea Power – Let The Dancers Inherit The Party = 7.5/10

Hayley Miller 

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