Single Review – Kate Nash – Call Me

Kate Nash’s new song ‘Call Me’, may not be a Blondie cover but is just as addictively poppy. Taken from EP Agenda ‘Call Me’ could be considered one of Nash’s lighter tracks but that isn’t to say it’s lyrics don’t touch on tough subject matter. ‘Call Me’ is about sharing the wisdom and compassion gained from surviving difficult depressive moods and the struggles of life. A warm beachboys tone creates a deliciously spring-like atmosphere to the singles alt-pop chorus; ‘You can call me baby when you feel like that – You know I’ll get right back.’ Currently funding her fourth album through Kickstarter Nash has already raised well over £40,000. But if you happen to have a spare £4,000 lying around then you could have Kate play a ‘punk as fuck’ show in your own house. 2017 is set to be quite busy for Nash, not only self-releasing her album Nash is also starring in new Netflix comedy G.L.O.W and has recently confirmed a UK 10th anniversary tour of her award-winning debut album ‘Made Of Bricks’.

Hayley Miller 

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